As of April 2015, BELSIPA publishes data on structured products that are available on the Belgian market. Investment in and trading of products in their various wrappers, such as structured notes, funds and insurance contracts are documented in a summary market report with easy-to-understand charts.

As of April 2016 our reporting is being no longer on a half-year but on a quarterly basis, starting with the market report for the first quarter 2016 (January-March).

We take this as an occasion to thank again those financial institutions that are not a member of BELSIPA but decided nontheless to contribute to the report and our ambition to bringing ever more transparency to the market.

(published 03th of December 2019, English only)

Name Published
Market Report for April to June 201905th of September 2019
Market Report for January-March 201930th of May 2019
Market Report for October-December 201810 March 2019
Market Report for July-September 2018 28 November 2018
Market Report for April-June 2018 29 June 2018
Market Report for January-March 201823 May 2018
Market Report for September-Dec. 2017 20 February 2018
Market Report for July-September 201708 November 2017
Market Report for April-June 201722 August 2017
Market Report for January-March 201722 May 2017
Market Report for October-December 20168 March 2017
Market Report for July-September 201624 November 2016
Market Report for April-July 201602 September 2016
Market Report for January-March 201623 May 2016
Market Report for July-December 201516 March 2016
Market Report for January-June 201521 September 2015
Market Report for July-December 201402 April 2015

BELSIPA is listed in the EU transparency register under number 279150515318-55.